O.D. Masks (2)

O.D. Masks (2)

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What does O.D. stand for? It stands for "olive drab green". Which has been the common term and color since military uniforms were first issued. However, the official term from the military catalog was OG-107 or olive green and it was the color of the utility uniform of all branches of service from 1952 until 1989. So mask up with our O.D. mask and show your support for our troops and VETPAW today!

Your purchase is more important today than ever as we face COVID-19 while continuing to expand our areas of protection, hire more veterans, train local park rangers, and combat the ever-increasing pressure from poachers.

100% of proceeds raised from our store go directly into our mission of empowering veterans, protecting wildlife, and supporting these local communities. 




This mask is washable and breathable. Features a double-layer fabric, goes over your ears for a secure fit, fits over an N95 mask. 

**Not for healthcare or medical use** 

Packaging: Two masks per order 

Fabric: 50% polyester, 25% combed ringspun cotton, and 25% rayon material

Made in the U.S.


Base: Olive Green

Size Information 

One size fits most.



Only non-chlorine 

Bleach when needed