Rhino Plush Toy Donation - Limited Edition
Rhino Plush Toy Donation - Limited Edition
Rhino Plush Toy Donation - Limited Edition
Rhino Plush Toy Donation - Limited Edition
Rhino Plush Toy Donation - Limited Edition

Rhino Plush Toy Donation - Limited Edition

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One of the pillars of our mission in South Africa is sustainable upliftment of communities surrounding the reserves we protect. 

We have created a variety of sustainability projects for the ladies and men who live in these nearby communities, which we will roll out over the course of 2020.  These projects will not only provide sustainable income for the community they also add another layer of protection for our rhinoIn their view a rhino is worth far more to them alive.

The first of these projects is the crocheted rhino that you see here. When we approached the community with the idea they were ecstatic, we however, did not realize that not one of these wonderful ladies could crochet. VETPAW provided all the materials but we needed to teach them how to crochet. We needed someone to guide and teach these ladies. We found her and her name is Evelyn Ramela.  Evelyn is a 73 year old retired teacher and grandmother who has a deep and abiding love for wildlife and a passion for teaching.

She sat for days and patiently taught each lady step by step how to make these toys. The look on their faces when they could do it on their own was absolutely priceless.

With your kind donation, you will receive a gift of appreciation - one of these hand-crafted crocheted rhino.  Each donation will help these grandmothers and mothers with an income and a more stable future. They are responsible for looking after their children and grandchildren in the village. Traditionally, the men go to the big cities to find work and they try to send as much money as they can back home while their families tend the farm lands to put food on the table.  Your donation of $100 not only goes to these wonderful women and the community, but a portion of the profits made will be reinvested into future projects in 2020 (which we are very excited about).

There are a VERY limited number of these special handmade rhino available. Please bear in mind that each crocheted rhino is totally unique, just like the people who made them. In no way perfect but perfect in their own way.

Your donation will make a real difference in these women’s lives and that of our precious rhino. 

Thank you for your continued support of our mission to protect African Wildlife and uplift the local communities.

DISCLAIMER:  All products are being shipped from Africa, and could take up to 2 weeks to arrive.